Thursday, November 15, 2018
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Honda Brio is The Second Hatchback Offered

Honda Brio is The Second Hatchback Offered


Honda has made a new entry into the Indian hatchback market. Honda Jazz hatchback was the first of the Honda, the Japanese automaker Honda Brio is the second hatchback offered by the company. Recently, Honda lowered the price of the Honda Jazz Rs 5.5 lakh for and the price of the Honda Brio is low compared to jazz. Honda Brio is a hatchback that has a sticky look. Price Brio Stares Rs 3.95 lakh on the road.

The small car was shown at the Auto Expo 2011 in New Delhi. After the appearance of the Expo, hatchback popularity began to become today one of the most popular hatchback in India. Honda Brio launched in four variants – S Mt Rio Honda, Honda V MT, Rio E bracket and Honda Brio S MT option.

Brio is equipped with a 1.2 liter petrol engine that produces at 6000 revolutions per minute and a maximum torque of 109 nm at 4600 rpm. The engine of the new bridge produces a peak power of 88 kW, is identical to Jazz. The new hatchback offers the best shift more than the hatchback other, which is 1198cc. it is expected that the gasoline engine will be reduced to 1 liter in the near future. According to a certificate from ARIA, Brio claims to offer a mileage of 18.4 km / h. The length of the Honda is 3.6 meters, but the car offers a suitcase with nice lots of space. the new hatchback is equipped with 5-speed manual electronic power steering. the whole glass rear end of the car, a new tailgate looks different. This is the first time a car made of glass on the grass The front end of the car has an elegant curve.

Brio is available in India at attractive and affordable prices and attracts many car enthusiasts. Not only the price for the hatchback is good, but is encapsulated by the excellent features. Honda is available in attractive color ranges. The front suspension consists of a Caperson Strot. Brio has ABS, which is a good safety feature as it is solidly and reliably broken down. And ABS is very useful in case of a sudden accident. With ABS, hatchback also has ESP and EDB, which is useful when driving on slippery roads. Report Honda says the new tailgates are the entry-level car, which is the cheapest of all the cars offered by Honda in India. In addition, Brio attract many car lovers and have great success in the Indian auto market. To find out more about the Honda Brio and tailgates Skoda Citigo others such as Renault Puls etc., just go to Here buyers will find all the information about other segment cars.

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