Saturday, October 20, 2018
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Nissan will increase its interior design budget

Nissan will increase its interior design budget


Nissan will increase its interior design budget so that future cars can compete better in an increasingly autonomous world where customers care more about their cabins than in the past.

The new head of the brand’s European design center, Mamoru Aoki, told Auto Express that Nissan’s interior will change dramatically and soon.

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“By 2020 he wants to become an automotive autonomous era, so I think we will not go in the direction of the current planning,” he said.

“Before, the EV competition was small, but now it’s a lot bigger, so the look is more important, Tesla is already here, so we have to compete.”

You notice the quality and especially the interior of your car. And because autonomous vehicles and electric vehicles do not need so much space for engines, it also offers ways to make things different.

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“The floor can be flat and the dashboard can be minimal as the air conditioning can get into the room where the engine compartment is normally located,” explains Aoki.

Aoki cites the IMX electric compact SUV concept with its detachable steering wheel controls, focus on simple shapes and the use of quality materials that relate to Japanese culture, in fact, this idea wants to lead a production model in two years.

And Aoki is under the illusion that Nissan is about to change. “The world is very small, every automaker has the same effects, so cars are becoming more similar, and in the next ten years, I’d like to push Nissan a little more on the audience in terms of perception.”

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