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The latest Audi RS 4 New Audi 2018

The latest Audi RS 4


The latest Audi RS 4 is just what you expect from a high-performance cross country unit. While the loss of two cylinders leaves a small dent in the way of the car, there is no doubt about its performance, and it is still a practical car with a strong hand where it matters – the speed is accessible and the ease of use. It’s comfortable to move in nicely, but seductive options can skyrocket the price.
Take a look at the performance of the new fourth-generation Audi RS 4 and you think there was no progress. Its performance is identical to the 4-liter V8 naturally aspirated engine that came on the market in 2012.

The decision to stay at 444 horsepower may be incompatible with these compulsive power times, but not without reason. The hot Audi real estate recipe has changed, with an exceptional torque gain of 170 Newton meters – up to 600 Newton meters – thanks to the new, lightweight twin-turbo engine.

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This straightforward reduction exercise – the loss of two cylinders, the profit of two turbochargers, gasoline gas and gasoline, because this new RS 4 32.1mpg is officially successful. The 2.9-liter V6 ‘hot vee’ Twin Turbo, now under the hood, is shared with the new but less exciting RS 5, but we found it more practical and usable than the RS 4, as we did last year in Europe. Now he is the youngest member of Audi’s RS line in the UK.

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4.1 seconds is the new time 0-62mph thanks for the extra grunts, though it’s clear this is a cautious estimate – use the activation control feature and a shot in the second 3 column definitely feels realistic. The usual limited limited speed of 155 mph is used, but it can be increased to an additional 174mph electronic threshold (280km / h at Audi Deutschland Germany) for an additional 1,450 pounds.

In fact, the new cross-country tempo is the new character of the RS 4. There is a slight slowdown when the accelerator pedal is pressed, but at 2000 rpm, the punch and responsiveness of the new six-cylinder is almost ruthless. 4WD more or less the 7,000 RPM Redline way. Even in priority comfort mode, the RS-4 takes the pace without sweat, and with a ride quality no less flexible than a regular A4.

If you set the switch to “Dynamic”, the throttle lever will become stronger if the transmission retains the transmission longer. Of course, paddles are on the bike and will be taken into account if you really want the maximum level of participation.

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The big pace on offer is really not too surprising – it was always very fast Audi. The big question on the lips of every RS fan is how exciting this new model is when the act of sucking that sucks the V8 has removed some of the exciting edges of the car.

You can get a rich six-cylinder sound from a supercharged engine, though the optional sports exhaust will not completely change the level of the aural excitement – the volume increases only one level, adding extra pops and pops here and there

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