Thursday, November 15, 2018
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Ferrari Superfast Review: Ferrari Did for the 812 Superfast


The first time you open the 6.5-liter V12 on the 812 and let it scream at this 8900 rpm limiter in third gear, you’re asking yourself a simple question: “Do you feel faster than ‘an F12?’ These two questions? Just feel like the one that is for me.

And it’s actually a difficult question to answer because even though I drove a lot F12, when the 40-degree asphalt squares slightly the P-Zeros just behind the bottom and you have the driving force of eight hatchbacks to hide warm at the end of your right foot, it can be difficult to summon your internal reporter and reach maturity and goal.
Then I touched the right pedal, the 812 was spitting on the horizon with the urgency of a frightened viper, but instead of offering an answer, my mouth opened and I shouted a word that laughed very happily and with a little patience on the vowel .

One lap later, which allows for more spills of luck, the vaguely professional corner of my brain takes a bit of control and offers a sensible message. Yes, it seems faster than an F12, but it is the gear (approximately 6% shorter 1-6) that seems to contribute to the additional boost rather than the increase in power.

And I suppose that makes sense because 812 exists in the ionosphere of legal sports cars; its 800 hp is so far from normal that it really makes a power boost of 60 hp relatively insignificant. I mean, would you immediately detect an additional 20 hp on a Golf R? Probably not.

The 812 Superfast represents the pinnacle of the art of answering a question that nobody has asked: what would a F12 Berlinetta look like with more power? I had an F12 last year and for the thousands of kilometers I liked, I never thought “what this totally unbalanced missile that will break the traction on a wet road in 5th gear is a little more grumpy”. Not once

But progress is measured empirically and, fortunately, Ferrari is more interested in what is possible than in what might be necessary. If you leave a group of engine nerds with a V12 of 6.3 liters and 740 hp, it is inevitable that they increase the capacity (stroke, without hole) add a variable input of the TdF, the highest pressure injection system ever mounted in a petrol car (350 bar) and change almost all internal components. I challenge anyone to drive an F12 and come to the conclusion that I needed a completely new engine. But that’s what Ferrari did for the 812 Superfast.

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