Saturday, October 20, 2018
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The amazing Lexus LC


A six-figure price tag was once a clear sign of exclusivity in the automotive world, but the rapidly rising label prices eroded the inherent uniqueness of cars that lived around the $ 100,000 mark. Hell, high-end pickups can cost so much now.
The amazing Lexus LC, which starts at $ 92,995, is an impressive achievement in that it looks unique and unique, and feels like you can hope a car approaches $ 100K – or, with options, even crown the amount. Aside from its wild style and beautifully crafted performance, the LC500 471-hp we launched earlier this year produced a large number of characters from the free V-8 with the free 5.0-liter laser on the front. This fact made us a bit cautious as we turned to this topic, the LC500h hybrid, which costs $ 4,510 more, but 117 hp less than an electric-electric drive with the ATkinson 3.5-liter V-6. Cycle and has two electric motors.
It’s not that we can not appreciate the LC500h’s drive, which Lexus Talk calls multi-stage hybrid. It combines the V-6 with a pair of electric motors through a fascinating transmission, which is actually two single gears. It includes both a continuously variable hybrid bidirectional engine (CVT) and an Aisin four-speed automatic to extend the hybrid operating range; Take a look at our full explanation of how it works here.

On the road, the multi-level operation of the hybrid system differs from Lexus and Toyota and other hybrids that use a hybrid Synergy Drive familiar setup. Because of the unique gearboxes, every time the gas engine runs, it feels like the gears are moving. That’s better than at high speeds. We often suffer from CVT-equipped hulls, but the power supply of the LC500h is not particularly suitable for hard driving. Sports or sports, artificially artificial “pushes” artificially, keeping the powertrain in front of a response really makes a strange soundtrack.It certainly can not keep up with the auditory sensations of the V-8 LC500 and sharp shifts of its conventional 10-speed automatic.

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