Thursday, November 15, 2018
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Hyundai At The CES Exhibition


Hyundai has been very represented at the CES exhibition for years. That’s why we cover a whole range of future projects, autonomous autonomous developments and even robotic skeletons to help people with walking or human problems in search of superpower. One idea that bubbles up in Hyundai’s CES displays is how to negotiate the interior of the car of the future, and this year the automaker has a new Intelligent Personal Cockpit concept that tackles the idea on the head. Previously, Hyundai has been designed for the next generation of automotive interior in 2013: a smart infotainment idea, a fresh head-up display thinking in 2015 that a car that literally dock with its home at last year’s show. The intelligent personal cockpit includes artificial intelligence and enhanced speech recognition as the driver’s future partner.
As Hyundai imagines, our future vehicle includes the ability to bark orders on our cars to fit everything from opening the sun to climate control to lock or open the doors. The Intelligent cockpit at the CES booth of the automaker uses SoundHound Speech Recognition and Web of Things (IoT) on the network to provide home and home commands such as advance lights, and even multiple part queries, such as automatic command to allow the temperature and commands to manipulate your home control in the same sentence. Example of Hyundai? A driver would say to the car, “Tell me what the weather is tomorrow and turn off the light in our living room.”
Less impressive – or at least less new – is the full intelligence aspect of Hyundai’s project. Autoaker shows this as a “proactive assistant”, meaning it works more or less as Google Predictive algorithms remind you when to go to your usual destination, like your office or gym. Thinner components include a “biosensor steering wheel” heart rate sensor that can feel stress “allowing access to online visits with a doctor.” It sounds like it can put more load on the driver. Strap in; The future would be funny.

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