Saturday, October 20, 2018

New Toyota Camry 2018


Over the years, the Toyota Camry has been prone to tasteful ribs just to be what it has always been: a well-built, fuel-efficient and efficient mid-size sedan that attracts a wide range of car buyers to America. Self-identified car enthusiasts can be fun, but the Camry is traditionally a lot of people want or need in a car.

After five consecutive days in a Camry SE in 2018, I’m not ready to say that it will stay that way. There are enough eccentricities in the powertrain of this car to allow the Camry Loyalist to take a break.

Some comments first: I drove the SE as Camry owner while I had it – commuting normally, tricking the kids, 5 on the speed limit, something like that. It’s a quiet, well-trimmed sedan with a premium dashboard design and good rear legroom. Management has good weight and decent feedback; No complaints about the brakes, and the suspension seems to listen to comfort, but with a little feeling. Well, no? It’s even a solid value of just over $ 28,000.

But there is also a transmission that needs an exorcism.

Remember, this is the SE trim – the sporty model – and its agonizing transmission program suggests that the LE will be almost indestructible. In D, the car seems to come in fourth with 20 mph, and every attempt at acceleration is met with a yawn and several downgrades. It’s like a steamer to fly; You need to call the engine room for more power and then wait for the boilers to react. The S mode keeps the gears a little longer and behaves more like a normal gearbox, but it seems to stop in 4th gear, unless the driver uses the paddle shifters (a really ridiculous accessory to this car) to set the highest gear. Therefore, neither of the two modes is suitable for normal city traffic.

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