Saturday, October 20, 2018

Mercedes-Benz B-Class B250e Class B Electric Unit Will Not be Offered


Mercedes-Benz has confirmed that the B-Class B250e Class B electric unit will not be offered after the 2017 model year. The B250e is the only all-electric Mercedes-Benz vehicle, but the news of his death is not amazing of anything. It was designed from the start with an unusual pedigree and a limited lifespan, while Mercedes-Benz tried out some ideas on the way to the next electrical phase (and the requirements of the California ZEV mandate).

One of the next steps, along with other plug-in hybrids, will be Mercedes’s next all-electric EQ sub-brand. We expect that the first equalization model will roughly match the size and form factor of the GLC crossover with a range of up to 310 miles and will go into production in 2019 in Bremen. Meanwhile, the Rastatt plant, which is the B class (as well as Class A and Class GLA) is being reconfigured for a new generation of compact vehicles; It is not yet clear which of these vehicles will be offered in the United States. Class B European contains combustion variants, but the B250e electric is the only way to get a Class B in the US. It has been on the market since the end of model year 2014, and although the previous year’s brand changed as part of the revised Mercedes-Benz nomenclature for 2016, the vehicle itself has barely changed.

We have found that the B-Class’s electrical unit stands out in the passenger cabin, is well guided and offers good visibility to the outside. The performance of its 177-powerpower engine is not particularly fast, it lacks a fast charging port, a relatively short 87 kilometer range of 28.0-kWh battery and finds it behind the package under current electric vehicles.

Ironically, the powertrain of the B250e is mostly produced (and co-developed) by Tesla, known for its long travel times and acceleration times. Tesla not only delivers the battery pack full of cylindrical cells that are different from the irresistible video below, but also the entire Class B electric propulsion system. Send the components from California to Germany and then in many cases. The finished car will be sent to Californian dealers ,

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