Saturday, October 20, 2018
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Bugatti’s 150 EB110 Supercars


Before Crohn or Veyron was the EB110. Bugatti’s author was published in 1991 and produced until 1994. The V112 turbo four-core 3.5-liter engine created the EB110 with a four-core turbo-turbo 560-hp carbon fiber chassis. Along with six manual transmissions, the V-12 engine was able to cry well for the last 8000 laps before the tachometer tapped the redline needle.¬†Less than 150 EB110 supercars were built before the company went out of business. August Nocter discovered the difficult way in which the company was economically destroyed when it brought this EB110 in September 1995 to the utility plant. Instead of the enthusiasm of factory workers, he was greeted by the anger of the employees, who learned that the company had filed for bankruptcy.

Despite the lack of factory support, Nuechter continued his EB110, covering 2821 km on the car over more than two decades. Nuter even brought the black EB110 with him when he moved to America.
This rare EB110 will be auctioned off at Sotheby RM in Phoenix, Arizona, in January and is expected to sell for $ 750,000 to $ 950,000. Expensive in big plan to buy a car, but in the world of Bogatis EB110 almost steal it. Keep in mind that the new Chiron will give you back more than $ 2.5 million, while the classic Bugatti Type 55 Roadster from 1932 was recently auctioned for over $ 10 million. If you always want a Bugatti, this Federal EB110 can be one of the most expensive ways to put one in your garage.

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